• Photo of Orcet (Clermont-Ferrand)  Camping Le Clos Auroy II
  • Photo of Orcet (Clermont-Ferrand)  Camping Le Clos Auroy II

Time  4 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 369

Uploaded October 18, 2013

Recorded October 2013

3,156 f
1,205 f
22.21 mi

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near Orcet, Auvergne (France)

Going from the camp site and crossing the motorway is just the connection; than the climbing starts upto 900 meter with quite some rocky parts. Than a flat section over a mountain cam to get to the downhill part with rough sections and a nice flowing single track in the lower section through the woods. Make sure you are not cycling on the road there; the single track is just running parallel . Following a climb with some smooth rocks to get on the cam again and preparing for the way back. Have fun!


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