19 11 5


13.55 mi

Elevation gain

2,887 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,894 ft

Max elevation

5,709 ft



Min elevation

4,334 ft

Trail type





May 13, 2009
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5,709 ft
4,334 ft
13.55 mi

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near Omega, California (United States)

Mountain bike loop that begins at the Omega Rest stop (scenic overlook sign on Highway 20), climbs on the pioneer trail to last chance mine rd (280 ft cimb), climbs to the top of last mountain (280 ft climb), FLIES downhill for about 3.5 miles (1410 feet!!) and continues on an uphill and downhill forest road until you reach the Omega area (2.5 mi, diggins and previous townsite are private property but you can visit the cemetery). It then continues on the forest road for a while until you reach a steep rocky road on the left (old omega road) and climbs uphill to highway 20 (460 ft climb in 2.5 mi). You must cross highway 20 and find the pioneer trail (it is hard to find at times, just keep your eyes open). After pioneer trail crosses chalk bluff rd, it becomes a singletrack for a small way. Continue until you can cross highway 20 where you began. I rated this trail difficult as there are many uphill and downhill sections, a very long downhill section with many ruts/rocks/holes (WEAR A HELMET PLEASE!). However, 90% of the time you have a very wide path so you can dodge the obstacles. Can take 3-5 hours depending on your skill level. Thanks to The Fish ( for making this track known.

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