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Uploaded February 11, 2008

Recorded February 2008

4,656 f
1,068 f
46.16 mi

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near Mankayane (Swaziland)

Mountain top trail along Ngwempisi river. Starts at Mankayane road, ends at Usutu bridge on Hlatikulu road. Can be done in two days as it is already mapped. No shops along the way and only two freshwater fountains next to the track. Spend first night at school or at Steven's kraal. Second night under an overhang rock. It is easy to find your own camp but do not count on finding water.

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Beginning - Turnoff from Mankayane tarred road
Steve's kraal camping (R30) or ask teachers at school
Fresh water spring next to the road
Mountain top
Fresh water spring - 150 m down in a clump of trees; find camp nearby
Public transport available from here, gravel road continues
Usutu bridge on Hlatikulu road

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