6.4 mi

Elevation gain

463 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

463 ft

Max elevation

5,129 ft



Min elevation

4,644 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of MAG 7 in Moab, Utah May 2018 SHORT LOOP
  • Photo of MAG 7 in Moab, Utah May 2018 SHORT LOOP
  • Photo of MAG 7 in Moab, Utah May 2018 SHORT LOOP
  • Photo of MAG 7 in Moab, Utah May 2018 SHORT LOOP
  • Photo of MAG 7 in Moab, Utah May 2018 SHORT LOOP




May 20, 2018


May 2018
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5,129 ft
4,644 ft
6.4 mi

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near Moab, Utah (United States)

Mag 7 takes trails from 7 different named trails. In the end, your choices as to which portions of each of the 7 trails you take will make up for "your Mag 7"

This trail here is the SHORT loop I did in the afternoon with a guided tour; guided by Rim Tours.

As I was planning my trip to Moab I had many doubts.. should I take a guided group or not ... I ended up deciding the scheme:

Day1, dead horse trail; easier, I do without guide
Day2, Mag 7; quite difficult for me, I do with guided tour
Day3, Slickrock; killer trail physically and technically; I do on my own at my pace
Day4, Klonzo trails. Did not have much time before trip back, but enough to do 10kms in Klonzo trails at dawn.

That was the perfect scheme for my level and my expectations. Perfect plan. Challenging as it gets but doable.

This loops (this is the short, but thinking long and short) at Mag 7 with the group was VERY CHALLENGING. Technical passages; rocks, jumps, downhills testing your nerve... doubts in front of some rock jumps... and tough killing burning legs hills. Not epic climbs and not aerobic climbs like slickrock but very very challenging nonetheless.

I learnt many things doing this trail about water and not just drinking water but taking enough electrolyte supplement. Had leg-burning cram warnings; had to cycle at the tail of the 7 cyclists group; all ok, no pressure; guide from Rim Tours total patience himself and managing well the patience form the other riders. He also helped me get electrolyte. Had sodium/potasium tablets and lunch was a game changer with all the water+electrolyte components I had.

This shorter loop was really amazing just as the long loop in the morning. Great trails! Must do trails in Moab.


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