29.43 mi

Elevation gain

5,135 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

5,135 ft

Max elevation

6,923 ft



Min elevation

2,415 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of La rambasa, la seu
  • Photo of La rambasa, la seu


5 hours 29 minutes




July 4, 2016


July 2016
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6,923 ft
2,415 ft
29.43 mi

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near La Farga de Moles, Catalunya (España)

La rambasa, la seu.
Starts with a climb of 1400m over around 18kms. Not to hard. After 18km, you come to a junction with a sign saying restaurant. Here you should turn right (not left as I did).

Riding on, reach the top after another 3km. You'll know you have arrived because there is a small hut on the right. From here it's downhill for another 18km and the trails are lovely.

Head down the road for 2km, then you need to watch the GPS carefully because you turn right into the forest. At this point my track isn't so good. I've found that if you head to the right more it's better, anyway, finally you come to a point along the fence where there is a small pile of stones. You must cross the fence here and then follow the single track.

The track is great, you can ride it all, it flows well with some technical sections.
Beware as you approach the end near La Seu, the rocks become very small and loose, it's very easy to fall (one friend broke their wrist in 2 places because of the loose rocks at the end).

Finally, you can headd to La Seu, grab a welcome coke or coffee and then there is an easy 100m ascent back to your starting point at the Andorran border.


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