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near Kobarid, Kobarid (Slovenija)

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From Kobarid we follow the route called bimovis that leads to Italy. The road follows the Soča river valley and offers magnificent views of the river. When passing through Tolmin we turn off to visit the Gorgues de Tolmin (Tolminska Korita). It is the southernmost point of the Triglav National Park. The visit has to be done on foot but there is parking to leave the bikes. The visit is worth it. The bridge of the devil (Hudičev most) is impressive.
We continue the route to Most na Soči, where the river already has a considerable width. At the exit of Tolmin, we follow the bimovis route and we are surprised that the bridge that crosses the river is in a rather precarious state with broken woods that make us get off the bikes for fear of falling (or breaking any of them other). At the exit of the bridge, we had to continue along the bimovis route next to the river but it turns out that some years ago there was a landslide and it was never fixed. Therefore, there is no other option than going up to the highway and following the highway until Most, excepting a small court where there is a bike lane next to the road.
The return, we do it following the same route but without repeating the deviation done to Tolminska Korita.
NOTE: The slope is not at all real. In fact, it's not very little, we calculate between 300/400 meters. The GPS has lost the signal during the walk by Tolminska Korita and marked a completely false difference. From Kobarid to Most, it's almost all downhill and upside down, a bit of climb from Tolmin to Kobarid but nothing important, especially considering that the whole route is by asphalt.

Hudičev Most (vista)

pont del dimoni

Medvedova glava i Skakalce


Mirador a Ladra


Most na Soči


Pont de Napoleón




Tolminska korita (Gorgues)


Pont trencat


Pont del Dimoni


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