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near S And D Mobile Home Park, Tennessee (United States)

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This route took me many hours of planning and became a topographical survey challenge, several months before my trip to the US to the States of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina, I decided to draw a route through the mountains and parks Around Johnson City where my son resides, I made the exit to visit Buffalo Mountain Park and the surroundings of Watauga.
So three days before my departure, I finished the track with the help of Google Earth and the Wolrd Base Map.cosm. I just had to carry my effort to its final fruit, "positive or negative" would be seen, the proposal was made and just needed to carry it out.

The previous afternoon and to prevent frights, we were with my son and my wife, make the journey in the form of research with the car, and carrying the GPS hand, resulting in astonishment in the eyes of the guide some of the paths drawn from my home in Alzira, and listening to my relative ..... you will see ... if you get here, that does not happen even God, and in turn spotting some majestic mountains with an autumnal colorful in its total apogee, stretches with dream houses and others with weapons shacks to take, for me a whole show.
One thing was clear, the asphalt was going to predominate most of the route, until the arrival at the Park where my thread warned me that the rise is brought to you by aúpa, to which I answered that pedal to pedal and up if or if .

With the departure of a good day of sun, on Wednesday 4 and at 9:00 local I am ready to ride the bike and perform the challenge brought from the other side of the pond. Not without before listening to a whole string of tips and paraphernalia, where you get and what you do, that you're not at home, do not get in the kitchen or messes that you can not get out of, look at that ..... the language and customs are not those of your environment. Once I heard all the warnings and after having gotten between my back and my breakfast something more copious than usual ...... I take my helmet, camelbak stuffed with some bars, water and I get on the bike getting going what the adventure has in store for me and with the spirits over my head.
Soon I am realizing that the route of the previous afternoon is not the same in car than in bike, the respect to the cyclist is much higher in these latitudes than in my beloved Spain, here the cars wait for the cyclist to pass him with the arm without at any time is overwhelmed by the horn or bad sounding insults, only you hear, e and bye hello, although they warned me about it, I was puzzled by respect for others.
The view comes and goes without blinking of what the iris sees on either side of my path, not a single piece of paper, plastic, glass, cigarette butts, and a well-trimmed lawn stuck to the road, something further from the gutter, all are green slopes and meadows with a horizon full of trees that barely let you see it even with the fall of its leaves. Photo here and there, which makes me think that the exit will be longer than usual, I do not care since the pleasure is continuous and pleasant, once passed by Watauga, the turn is sudden, steep and devastating, but with a fantastic vision of what nature is able to contribute, light, color and tranquility, which makes me disassemble and be pleasant to admire around me for a few seconds.
About five kilometers ahead and above cross Interstate 26 and I see the typical Burger King "that weird to see none", where I can see the antennas of Buffalo Mountain Park. As I cross the tracks I find myself at the foot of the challenge, not before stopping to observe one of the imposing mansions at the entrance to the Park, another photo and a few meters from the sign that I am in the Buffalo, now it's a mentality and imposing legs As you can see the slope, pedal pedal said and I will arrive in worse places I've already dealt.

Once overcome the altimetry "that has not been for so much", a few minutes of relaxation, bars, water and walk to realize the anger that I get to observe the different paths to one side or another, not to decide to lower them, I do not know when it's over, so turn around and Pepe will go back the way you came up, and as I say in the video, it's not a matter of calling 991 and Spanish Interpreter Please.
The descent is done quickly but with caution, because of the leaves that do not let see the potholes, I enter the city of Johnson City by the East Tennessee State University, the Thomas Stadium and Millennium Trail being at its completion by where the Police Department is located, "in case the flies", continue on east main street until reaching the east unaka avenue that crossed on Glend Ridge and on its right hand finish by Cash Hollw RD, another mountain landscape that leaves no one indifferent in its wake, and arrived at the first crossing of the morning concluding a route for my personal challenge at the time of tracing the track to many kilometers of my portal.




















Sacred architecture

















  • Photo of cadid3

    cadid3 Dec 13, 2015

    De buena ley es reconocer las horas invertidas en tu labor de recorrer lugares inéditos, en esta ruta concretamente y por las veces que has comentado doy Fé de las horas invertidas para pasar una mañana por tierras lejanas y desconocidas, personalmente ya me imagino la satisfacción que harás sentido con el recorrido trazado en un Continente y realizado en el Otro, enhorabuena y a seguir dando pedales .....

  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Dec 14, 2015

    Agradecimientos a tu comentario cadid3, bien sabes lo cierto que es, todo debido a esa virtud de la que siempre hablo, La Constancia que de Ella nacen pensamientos e ideas por un tubo ....

  • Photo of JABOBAGAN

    JABOBAGAN Dec 16, 2015

    La verdad es que hay que tener mucho valor para adentrarse en territorios desconocidos y mas estando muy lejos de tu habitat natural.....y ademas solo...que bueno eres Pepe......solo faltaba que hubieras encontrado un sitio donde hicieran "Cremaets de Ron"...
    Felicidades por esta nueva aportación..

  • Photo of Abarka

    Abarka Dec 19, 2015

    Cuando se lleva el instinto aventurero por las venas, por muchos impedimentos que se encuentren, no hay manera de que las neuronas descansen, hasta que se da por realizado lo que entre ceja y ceja se clava. Hay ocasiones en que la constancia es la virtud en la que se refleja el carisma de ciertas personas como es en este caso, en las ocasiones que he podido rodar con tu sombra, he podido comprobar ese sentido de aventurero, y que has sabido contagiar a la mayoría que te conocemos, sigue con ese tesón que te caracteriza, un abrazo.

  • Photo of pove dica

    pove dica Jan 27, 2016

    La realización de cualquier evento es la finalización de algo que se estudia, programa y se lleva a cabo, en tu caso no dejas de sorprender a los que te conocemos, un aplauso a esa constancia .....

  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Jan 28, 2016

    Bueno amigo, sabes bien lo que cuesta a veces las cosas, por eso la constancia es algo digno de resaltar .....gracias por tus ánimos.

  • Photo of CARCELEN

    CARCELEN Jul 8, 2016

    Hola rutadura, queda claro que en otras estancias por el planeta, habrás sido explorador, tus ganas de recorrer lo desconocido son infinitas y después de leer y ver las rutas por el otro lado del charco, solo queda que felicitarte, un abrazo nene.

  • Photo of rutadura

    rutadura Jul 8, 2016

    Hola Capitán, como bien me conoces y sabes, es de obligada necesidad en estos casos, que las oportunidades se manifiestan pocas veces para realizar rutas extraordinarias, en esta ocasión el reto era muy personal.
    Fueron una serie de salidas muy gratificantes por todos los costados, tanto con la bici como la grandiosidad del entorno.
    Gracias por estar ahí y un abrazo ....

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