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near Šempeter pri Gorici, Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenija)

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The vineyards of the Vrtojba-Bilje-Bukovica triangle

Another itinerary with a high alcohol content. The valleys and hills in the triangle with the tops of the villages of Vrtojba, Bilje and Bukovica (Nova Gorica, Slovenia) are completely covered by rows of vines; a sort of miniature Langhe.
Some vineyards are so well cared for by their owners that they give the idea of ​​being gardens and not fields planted with vines.
During the First World War these places were the scene of fierce fighting between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies for 14 months between the end of 1915 and the beginning of 1917 (7th, 8th and 9th battle of the Isonzo). The village of Vrtojba was severely hit: hundreds of families fled elsewhere, 4% of the population died, both churches of the country destroyed. Immediately after the First World War the area of ​​Vrtojba was in Italian territory; the Italians called the village Camposanto for the presence of at least 12 war cemeteries. In 1928 the remains of at least 3300 soldiers were exhumed and brought to the central cemetery of Vrtojba. In 1938 the Italian authorities brought the corpses of their soldiers to the Oslavia ossuary.
Today, the information signs in several languages ​​spread along the path of the "Pot Miru / Path of Peace" and the silent war cemetery near Bilje, nestled among the vineyards, are witnesses of these events.
The itinerary presented here is just one of the possible proposals because the hilly area is crossed by a network of dirt roads, dirt roads and tracks usually in excellent condition and mostly pedaled.
There is also a life path with 16 exercise points equipped with tools. The tombstones of soldiers whose mortal remains were moved to the central cemetery of Vrtojba were also used as construction material.
The beauty of these hills is such that it was immortalized in one of the scenes of the film "Zoran, my stupid nephew".
The esteemed Slovenian painter and engraver Anton Zoran Mušič was born in Bukovica.

Detailed description of the itinerary on http://www.isontinoinbici.it/VignetiZoran/mtb-vigneti-vrtojba-sempeter.html

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    Percorso molto divertente che attraversa una campagna bellissima, con panorami stupendi. Meglio però seguirlo in senso opposto rispetto a quello indicato, perché così le discese su sterrato sono di più e molto più lunghe.

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