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near Pristava, Nova Gorica (Slovenija)

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Starting altitude, 90m (P.ale Casarossa)
Max quota, 700m
Development: 46 km
Difference in altitude: 1450 m
100% cycling
Difficulty: BC / OC - S2 / S3
Towards time
Departure from Gorizia after Piazzale Casarossa near the Bombi pedestrian tunnel there is a parking lot on the left.
After crossing Gorizia you climb the Collio on a comfortable dirt road in the middle of the wood and after crossing the Italian-Slovenian pass, go up the Slovenian Collio passing through the village of Brestje, you will come out on the road that leads to Mount Sabotino and turn on the left After a short stretch on a sheep track in the wood you will come out on the road that leads to Mount Korada.
After 22.8 km from the start, just before the junction that leads to Mount Korada, the asphalt is left for a short ST (diff.S1 / S2) leading to Vrtace. From this small village starts a fast forest road that leads to the entrance of the * mtb-trail that descends to Plave cutting the bends of the white road.
The path at times fast and sometimes technical is very funny with a difficulty S1 / S2 ..
At Plave, after crossing the state road, you go up a paved road with little traffic reaching the village of Paljevo and then, on the dirt track in the middle of the wood, you enter the Via dei Sacri Monti, you change side and you arrive just below the Mount Kuk at 520m.
From here you descend about 100 meters with some hairpin bends and continue uphill and after a couple of km turn right to take a singletrack (diff. S1 / S2) which with 3 km emerges on the asphalt.
It goes down fast on the state road for about 600 meters, to turn right on an enduro ST with parabolic jumps and very technical sections of dangerous diff.S2 / S3 with wet ground (those who do not feel can continue on the asphalt). Finally you arrive at a Gostilna near the dam, and then continue to the town of Salcano and then on a cycle path you return to Italy via the Rafut pass.

* To date the entrance to the path that descends to Plave is blocked by various trunks that block the passage. Just go around them for about twenty meters on the right and then climb over them to take the path.

P.za Casarossa


Singletrail 1


Singletrail 2


Singletrail 3.


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