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Coordinates 1348

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Recorded October 2013

1,929 f
300 f
24.2 mi

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near Rožna Dolina, Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenija)

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Clockwise - km 39 - difference in height 800m. - Height min.80m / max.580m

Although the departure takes place from Gorizia the itinerary takes place entirely in Slovenian territory.
From the square of Casa Rossa, after a few hundred meters, you will cross the pedestrian crossing of the Rafut and reach the Transalpina station and then the village of Salcan.
After passing the town, turn left on the Isonzo river bridge and immediately after the bridge, turn left onto the dirt track that runs along the river for about 10 km to Plave.
From Plave, on a road with little traffic, you reach the village of Paljevo and then on a dirt track in the middle of the woods you enter the Via dei Sacri. Once at the top you go around Mount Vodice and you reach a crossroads where you continue straight down for about 600 meters then turn left to start a first singletrack (diff S2) that after 3 km comes out on the asphalt. After turning left, go uphill for a short stretch to take a dirt track that leads to Mount Kekec. From Kekec after 1km of trail in the woods you take a second technical singletrack (diff S2) that goes down to Kromberk. From here, after crossing the Panavec wood, you return to Gorizia.


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