1,625 f
229 f
26.48 mi

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near Pristava, Nova Gorica (Slovenija)

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Towards time - km 43 - difference in height 1100 m.

Departure from Gorizia after the Piazzale Casarossa near the Bombi pedestrian tunnel there is a parking lot on the left.
After crossing Gorizia you climb on a comfortable dirt road in the woods and then on asphalt up to San Floriano del Collio. After crossing the Italo-Slovenian pass, the villages of Hum and Kojsko leave the main road and turn in the direction of Brestje, you come out on the road that leads to Mount Sabotino and turn left and after a short stretch in the woods you come out on the road which leads to Mount Korada that we will leave after 19.2 km from the start in favor of a single track on the right (diff S2) that descends to Plave. The first stretch takes place on the lawn to go down into a beautiful forest along a compact and flowing bottom, then the path becomes more technical with a very rough and stony bottom, finally you come near a stream and, after passing the small ford, the trail turns into a dirt road until reaching Plave.
From Plave you climb up to the Sabotino mountain through the woods along the north side and finally on the asphalt the south side. Arrived almost at the top you return to Italy on a challenging single track up to the town of San Mauro, and finally you quickly descend to Gorizia along paved roads.



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