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Coordinates 112

Uploaded July 15, 2010

Recorded July 2010

70 f
4 f
18.2 mi

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near Coulon, Poitou-Charentes (France)

Départ La Garette, Le Vanneau, St Georges de Rex, Ste Sabine, Arçais.
Retour par le bateau à chaînes, La Sotterie, Grand Coin, Coulon, La Garette.

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  • Photo of MaxJasper

    MaxJasper Jun 9, 2015

    Hi JeanMarie,

    Finally a route that I must ride due to passing through most beautiful green marshes. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Q: at 16.3km how did you cross the river La Sevre Niotaise? Is there a bridge there or just hopped into a boat?

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