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near Cocais, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

During the 14 km stretch between Cocais and Barão de Cocais, the traveler needs to be alert because there are difficulties such as cattle guards in the middle of descents, various forks and intersections, as well as spots that are slippery when it rains.
But the road is one of rare beauty, almost always passing through groves of eucalyptus trees. One point of interest is the viewpoint of the Pedra da Combota. It is considered a key site for geological studies and offers the visitor a panoramic view of various cities

At km 3 is the archaeological site of Pedra Pintada with 6,000-year old rock paintings in the midst of a gorgeous landscape. From here there is a view of several cities.

This stretch ends in the 18th century city of Barão de Cocais, where there are guest services available. Points of interest include the beautiful waterfalls and the ruins of Congo Soco, an old mine acquired by the English in the 19th century, which ended up being transformed into a British village, with a hospital, a chapel, and private cemetery. The Congo Soco complex was declared a heritage trust by the Instituto Estadual de Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico (Iepha) – in free translation, The Minas Gerais State Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage – in 1985.

More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/

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BARÃO DE COCAIS More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/


COCAIS More Information: http://www.estradareal.org.br/


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