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Coordinates 3662

Uploaded June 21, 2018

Recorded June 2018

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27.7 mi

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near Divača, Divača (Slovenija)

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Stage a little more entertaining and fun than the previous day. We leave Divača following the 409 road that we leave after about three kilometers, continuing along a small road until in the town of Kozina, we recover the 409 just as long as we pass under the A1 motorway because immediately afterwards, when the road turns to the left and begins a descent, we turn right and we will take a bike path whereby we will leave Slovenia and enter Italy, ending this cycle route in the center of Trieste. In Slovenian "Kolesarska steza Draga-Klanec" and very badly indicated its start in the Slovenian side. In Italian, it happens to be called "ciclopedonale track Giordano Cottur" and ends like the rosary of the aurora in the middle of the city.
Add that in this route there are tunnels and some length. It is advisable to bring some light even though one of the tunnels is lit as it progresses. But only one!
We take advantage of the tourism going up to the Castello di San Giusto, to get off immediately to Piazza Unità d'Italia and stroll along the pier of Trieste waiting for the boat that will take us to Muggia, across the bay.
The ship is very timely and the staff very friendly, we place the bikes themselves in the place that corresponds and ask us if we bring "coves" to the shoes. Because we answer that no, they remain calm. Were they afraid of damaging the earth?
After crossing, we visit the village of Muggia, small but very nice and we continue to San Rocco where we have our hotel, just over a kilometer away.
NOTE: Within the total distance of the day, the boat crossing of about 5 km is included.





Carril bici fins a Trieste


Moll Trieste




Castello San Giusto / Trieste




Vaixell Trieste - Muggia


San Rocco


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