• Photo of Di quà e di là dell'Isonzo
  • Photo of Di quà e di là dell'Isonzo
  • Photo of Di quà e di là dell'Isonzo
  • Photo of Di quà e di là dell'Isonzo

Time  6 hours one minute

Coordinates 2087

Uploaded May 14, 2018

Recorded May 2018

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27.06 mi

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near Pristava, Nova Gorica (Slovenija)

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Starting altitude, 100m (Transalpina station)
Maximum altitude, 600m
Development: 43.5 km
Difference in height: 1500 m
Cyclability Almost 100%
Difficulty: OC - S2

The itinerary starts from the Piazza della Transalpina, one of the most important squares in Gorizia.
The public space takes its name from the Transalpine Railway, which has a station overlooking the square. The square is divided between the municipalities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica, following the Treaty of Paris.
Piazza della Transalpina, once differentiated for the Italian and Slovenian parts, is today also unified in its composition. Pedestrians can move freely along the square. Once Piazza del Transalpina of Gorizia was divided in two by a low wall man, to mark the border between the Italian and the Slovenian. At the moment of the entry of Slovenia into the European Community the wall was knocked down, and in its place there is a row of bricks, which indicate the border.

The itinerary takes place almost entirely in the Slovenian territory. Apart from a first stretch of asphalted road with moderate traffic (about 4 km), the remainder of the tour takes place along roads with little traffic, forest and small paths in the woods. The three fun descents (especially the second) take place on single-Trail technicians that vary in difficulty between medium and very demanding (S1 / S2 or MC / OC).


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