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near Silverton, Colorado (United States)

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Colorado Trail infos of interest in part 1

We finish the variant of Weminuche Wilderness, leaving Silverton by road in a gentle ascent (a lot of traffic) to the Mola Pass.

Segment 25:
This segment has a very first cycle part with very good views and somewhere on foot until we cross a 12000ft neck. Long descent technique and pedestrian and long flanking all the way between waterfalls and Ordesa mountains. Night before reaching the bucolic Celebration Lake.

Segment 26:
Long stretch quite a bicycle but with strong ascents and a step on foot as you cross the Blackhawk pass. Long technical descent with stones and very cool and fun stretch of cyclable paths.

Segment 27:
They follow fun trails and generally cyclables for a beautiful view before Orphan Butte. Continue with heavy climbs by dragging the bike but with great panoramas following the ridge (Indian Trail ridge). Harsh and entertaining stretch to the Kennebec Trailhead. Night in the middle of the segment. Here we meet for the first time with two bones! Even if we do not entertain a lot, let her not come!

Segment 28:
From the steep descent technique with a lot of stone and very technical trails to the river and then two heavy towels, dragging the bike with some flaky flanks inside the forest. We reach a neck and follow a long descent very easy for very fun trails. We make a night in the last campsites before the end of the trail. We only have a long descent to the bottom of the torrent and the last one to the end of the trail.
By broad tracks and highway we arrive at Durango. Pretty large town, with all services, including an airport (located 23km up the hill).

To return to Denver there is the option to take a bus to Durango or rent a car. We, as we stayed 2 days before boarding the plane, we decided to rent a car and visit the road to Denver, the Mesa Verde National Park and the Great Sand dunes. Highly recommended


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