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near Nova Vas, Miren-Kostanjevica (Slovenija)

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Clockwise - Km 34 - Difference in height 800 m

The tour starts in Bonetti, on the state road 55 (del Vallone) that connects Gorizia with Monfalcone.
From Bonetti it starts immediately uphill on a convenient cart that leads us on Mount Kremenjak along the cross-border route of the Great War. From here we can admire the splendid views of the surrounding Karst and the sea with a 360 ° view.
Then we cross the Slovenian side and before the village of Sela Na Krasu we turn right to take the steep descent on a loose background to Comarie. From here, with a short stretch of asphalt, you cross the Slovenian border again and, at the entrance of the town of Brestovica, turn right to go up the dirt road to the gates of Ceroglie, turn around Mount Hermada reaching Medeazza and after always on the dirt road Jamiano. From the center of the village you enter the Cai72 path that leads to the gates of Doberdò del Lago. Then you return to the Karst and after a short visit on Mount Castellazzo to admire the view of the lake below, you quickly go down to the starting point .





M.te Castellazzo


  • Photo of ManuelMuja

    ManuelMuja Jul 7, 2013

    Tutto bello, ma poi... dove si mangia?

  • Photo of Robinew

    Robinew Mar 26, 2018

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    Percorso veramente molto bello con bellissimi scenari e senza grosse difficoltà, complimenti al tracciatore.

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