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Uploaded July 18, 2008

Recorded July 2008

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near Les Violettes, BE.07 (Belgique)

La boucle des lacs

Départ sur le parking de la brasserie de Silenrieux (N978).

Suivre les balises jaunes tout au long du parcours.

Cette balade évolue à travers les campagnes, les bois et les bords du lac de l’Eau d’Heure.

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  • FredrikE Jul 23, 2011

    Great if you like being chased by pit bull terriers in fields, riding on cow trails that have been overgrown since years, and getting stuck in mud pits. Bring a good bike and Red Bull. However, nature was great - saw deer, rabbits and several wide birds. The city of Thuin was fantastic. Had to cut it short because off the muddy terrain (had been raining for 3 days - which isn't that unusual here....). Despite all that, going to try it again.

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