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near Áyios Vasílios, West Greece (Greece)

Route to the windfarm of Nafpaktos (Aioliko Parko Naupaktou).

0,0km (at 10m) - Start, as usual, from Ag Vassileios to the Rio ferry and to the other side to Antirio (saving energy for later climb :-P)

6,2km (at 0m) - Antirio. With national road to Naupaktos (from 11,7km done by the sea), through the center, next to old port.

16,7km (at 5m) - Turn left up. Leaving the center and starting the climb with some nice views to castle and Rio-Antirio bridge. At 19th km, route passes over ring road and continues up with main road.

21,0km (at 300m) - Right and up. Trail leaves the main asphalt road and goes right and up with minor but still asphalt road in direction to Vomvokou all the way until the village. This part offers some really nice views to the east, gorge Ska and Skala village with monastery on opossite side of the gorge.

24,8km (at 550m) - Vomvakou. Instead of going to the village itself, just at the entrance the trail goes straight in direction to Moni Ag Ioannou. The road still continues asphalt but there are many rocks and land slides that make the ride a bit dangerous.

NOTE: part to monastery and later on is actually a detour from the shortest and main road up to the windmills. If not interested in visiting the monastery, it's better and faster to go through Vomvokou taking easier road. Both options meet later on at 30,2th kilometer of the route

26,9km (at 520m) - Moni Ag Ioanniou. I took an advantage of spring in the monastery to fill up my water suplies (last chance). The day was very warm and I needed more water than I originally thought would be enough. Much smaller, dirt/concrete road continues from the monastery up. This part (until 30,2km mark) is very steep (+280m in a little over 3km) and difficult. Surface gets very bad in many places and sometimes I had to drag my bike walking. Views are getting better and better!

30,2km (at 800m) - main dirt road. Trail meets back the main dirt road originating from Vomvokou, wider with much better surface, and continues up to the right. This is fairly flat section with fewer and easier climbs.

32,5km (at 920m) - Leaving main road to the left. Just before village Mamoulada, trail turns left and another steep climb starts all the way to the first windmills at about 1250m. Again, this part is done with some damaged roads with loose rocks and steep climbs that make the ride very difficult.

35,5km (at 1250m) - Aioliko Parko (windfarm). After reaching first windmills, trail also meets the main road that goes through the farm and continues up to the summit, to Profiti Ilias church. The trails follows the road.

37,6km (at 1458m) - TOP of the trail next to the church of Profiti Ilias. Really amazing views in all directions: Panachaiko, Erymanthos, Patra and Rio-Antirio bridge to the south; Paliovouna to the west; lake Trihonida, Efinos river and Evrytania to the north; gulf of Korynthos, Parnasos and Vardussia mountain ranges to the west. Short stop, snack and lots of photos before downhill. Downhill done all the way with new dirt road through windfarm.

49,2km (at 370m) - back on asphalt road. Trail takes sharp right turn and continues with main local road (in some sections a dirt road). With some fast downhills, trail reaches national road Naupaktos-Thermos.

53,7km (at 50m) - national road Naupaktos-Thermos. For about 400m trail follows the national road, later to leave left to local roads and reach other national road Antirio-Itea.

56,1km (at 10m) - national Antirio-Itea. Trail turns right in direction to Antirio and follows national road all the way to ferry docks.

63,5km (at 0m) - ferry boat. Back to Rio with a ferry (no power for the bridge :-P) and back to Ag Vassileios by the sea.

70,0km (at 5m) - back home! Tired and hungry :-P

I mark this trail as 'very difficult' because of two sections (mentioned above) with very steep climbs and poor road surface, as well as overall climb and distance. Trail offers great views to gulf of Patras and all directions from top.

For all photos from this (photos 17-41) and other rides in Nafpaktia, visit my google gallery:




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