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11.07 mi

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near El Rasillo, La Rioja (España)

Circular MTB route in the Sierra de Cameros, La Rioja, Spain starting in the village El Rasillo. The first part from El Rasillo to the Alto de la Agenzana is a nice comfortable climb with two steeper parts, particularly the last meters of the climb to the highest point, with the antenna, are a challenge, feasible for some but not for all I guess. Some will have to walk a couple of meters. After the antenna there are nice descents to Ortigosa. From Ortigosa to the Ham Factory Monte Nevado in El Rasillo it goes nicely up and down, after the Ham Factory, a surprise, a short single track to the village of El Rasillo.

El Rasillo - Alto de la Agenzana - Ortigosa de Cameros - El Rasillo


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