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near Vila Real de Santo António, Faro (Portugal)


  • Photo of digfish

    digfish Jun 10, 2009

    So... you've made it ! Congratulations ! I think you've contacted me another day regarding the ecovia and I've sugested the ecovia map on www.algarvedigital.pt . Can you confirm me that ecovia is already completed in all the points you have taken ? I already tried this trail 1 or 2 years ago, but at that time Ecovia was almost not ready, and the journey wasn't complete without problems: I've lost my camera between Olhão and Fuzeta when I was trying to pass over a small river !
    Well, good luck and thanks to share ! I will try the Algarve's Ecovia myself another day !

  • Photo of jose_villa

    jose_villa Jun 11, 2009


    Estamos interesados en hacer esta ruta, somos un pequeño grupo de Huelva. Podias dejar tu e-mail pàra hacerte alguna pregunta sobre la ruta???


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