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Uploaded March 11, 2019

Recorded March 2019

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near Banjar Ambengan, Provinsi Bali (Indonesia)

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Spectacular circular motorcycle route
Leaving Ubud, we headed towards the mother temple of Besakih. I did not arrive at the temple since I went another day and did not want to waste time but if you did not see it, it was awesome.
So a little before the temple I turned to a valley of rice terraces very nice here in the viewpoint a stop and shot towards Lake Batur, spectacular views
We continue down to the lake and get as close as the road to the volcano allows, from here in just over an hour you can climb the crater walking
And we go back through our steps to get to Batan
We get out of here on a downhill road that does not stop in a straight line almost to Ubud
Stopping on beautiful rice terraces that are still very tourist worth seeing
From here to Ubud in a moment
The road is not wasteful even a moment is precious especially the one way passing through villages many rice fields and temples and up and down between mountains of the greener
If you are in Ubud and you like to ride a motorcycle you can not miss this super route that is for all day
In the volcano the normal thing is that it makes a bit of cold a sleeve will not go bad and raincoat that here rains without warning 🤣 🤣
If you do it, tell me what you think


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