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near Trnica, Општина Маврово и Ростуша (Македонија)

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The rodeo to enter Montenegro legally is loooooong and boring and also more expensive. The green card does not include Kosovo and I have to take out insurance at the border. They are € 10 for 15 days to pay in cash.

My idea is to cross into Albania through the passage between Dragash and Krushevë in the mountains where I entered illegally yesterday. It is a beautiful new road, well paved, full of curves over the mountains. The only problem is that this step is only for locals in the area and I am not. The border policeman very kindly tells me to go the one that is a little further north, on the highway, and don't even think of going to Restelicë, otherwise I will be illegal and this is very ugly and can bring me problems; Luckily I finally crossed where I was playing!

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