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near Theth, Shkodër (Albania)

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From Theth, it is only 16km of track until reaching the asphalt. It is the easy access to Theth and many people come walking from Valbona and then hire a car to take them back to Shkodër with what is "quite" traffic. The arrival of the asphalt improves the floor, but does not make the road wider or less traveled. Still, the views of the valley makes it an amazing highway to ride a motorcycle. The cursed mountains are a must if you visit Albania.

My target in Montenegro is Kotor. Located in an incredible bay on the Dalmatian coast, it can be reached by the coast or by crossing the Lovcen National Park, which is the route I took. They are very narrow roads going up the mountains crossing cultivated fields. The good thing about arriving by this route is that you find the postcard image of the bay and the different cities that populate the shore; The bad thing is that the access road from the top will barely be 3 meters wide and all the tour buses go up / down to bring tourists to observe the views, which creates important caravans when two cars cross.

Kotor is beautiful: a medieval walled city at the foot of the sea. The bay is idyllic and would be the ideal place to spend the night if it weren't for the fact that it is also the most touristic city in Montenegro and is full of cruise passengers and organized tour buses. It is completely overwhelming.

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