• Photo of Himarë - Ksamil
  • Photo of Himarë - Ksamil

Time  10 hours 47 minutes

Coordinates 3225

Uploaded September 13, 2019

Recorded September 2019

1,048 ft
-8 ft
48.51 mi

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near Himarë, Vlorë (Albania)

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The Albanian Riviera is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Albania. It has crystal clear coves and prices, compared to neighboring countries, are much more adjusted. Of course, for me he has two newscasts! The best beaches have been taken over by umbrellas and deckchairs waiting for the tourist on duty, mostly Italians. Even so, just because it is the end of the season or because it is not a very sunny day, it is possible to find quiet areas where you can take a dip without listening to regeton in the background.

With some fortifications from the Ottoman Empire, Ali Pasha had his hunting domains in this area, the most prominent being Butrinit Castle. Founded by Héleno, son of Príamo, when escaping from Troy after his fall, he lived moments of glory at different times allowing you to find Greek, Roman, Venetian or Ottoman ruins. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it is the most visited monument in Albania.

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