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Uploaded January 26, 2008

Recorded January 2008

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near Cabo Bojador (Western Sahara)


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    Forest Jan 26, 2008

    Hey that sounds intriguing! with that title you must explain further where did you overnight! :)

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    OneTrack Jan 26, 2008

    Luckily, somehow a local chap spotted us just as we were enroute to our pitch. We always sought pitches that were private and sheltered from the high coastal winds.

    10 minutes later this gentleman drove very slowly up and he shouted this message to me from 50 metres distance:

    "Monsieur, vous ne devez pas le camp ici! Ici il ya de très nombreuses mines! Il est très très dangereux ici et que vous devez partir. Vous devez seulement repousser le long des deux voies. Vous devez quitter immédiatement! Immédiatement!"

    [Look it up on google translate]

    I had to translate to our group. We were all totally, totally stunned!

    You can read more about their presence scattered throughout the territory by both the Polisario and the Moroccan army here:

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    Forest Jan 26, 2008

    ...!?! I could have imagined many situations but this one :D I'm sure this won't be the last time you have to tell this story (luckily you can btw :) amazing

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