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Recorded July 2015

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near Valdez, Alaska (United States)

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Boat tour made on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
And that there are still people who deny climate change ... I only find two possible answers, the first has to do with ignorance, product of not seeing beyond the noses of oneself, or never having left their town - city . But this first is worrisome, I still think much more the second, that would not come from ignorance but from interested positions and that only have to do with the possibility of getting rich "at all costs", and it is costing us a planet that also of being our home, apparently some do not deserve. The Columbia glacier, to which we are heading today, does not seem to have fared any better. In the photos of the nineties, this impressive and gigantic glacier reminds us of Perito Moreno in his best times, today his tongue has receded more than fifteen kilometers, as well as its thickness that has thinned (being on the verge of anorexia) hundreds of meters. But before seeing and checking all this, we have left from the port of Valdez, and heading west, we have retreated through the impressive William Fjord in the direction of Wittier. Obviously not far from this population, from which we left the previous day, but as halfway, the boat that takes us to the Columbia, turn right and head to the fjord that receives the same name. glacier that welcomes. In the eighty kilometers that we have made to arrive, sea lions have been seen, that do not only conform with their rocky watchtowers, but also use for buoys the buoys that there are with different functions. We have also seen, of course, groups of playful sea otters, which do not seem to be frightened or disturbed in the least by the continuous passage of fishing or pleasure boats. The variety and quantity of seabirds is notorious, but neither could we miss the encounter, which we had in a somewhat unexpected way, with the queen of fishing or bald eagle. As we get closer to the glacier front of the Columbia, in some blocks of ice, there are also groups of otters that delight us with their chopped to the water and its descent by the ice, as if it were a slide. Since we have seen in the distance the front of the Columbia until we have approached it have passed a good amount of kilometers, which gives us an idea of ​​the irreparable loss that a glacier has suffered, that in its good times, was not only a spectacle of nature, but also a living being, as is a river or a lake. The boat has slowed to a minimum the march, to avoid a possible collision with the large amount of ice that is floating. It also maintains a safe distance from the current front, which, despite the regression, nevertheless maintains a fairly respectable altitude and amount of ice. After letting us enjoy for a while the sights and pictures of rigor, the boat returns to its cruising speed, but not before having stopped a couple of times, after sighting some whale that has been admitted along the fjord William. In the distance we see on the right the oil refinery that arrives here, and that when we went to Wittier we could see the very long pipes through which it was channeled here. We have also begun to see the small and sheltered port of Valdez, which after the tsunami of the sixties changed, just like the population, its location, looking for something more security.
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