Time  9 hours 55 minutes

Coordinates 6805

Uploaded September 26, 2017

Recorded September 2017

250 f
-31 f
49.33 mi

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near Pakoštane, Zadarska (Hrvatska)

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Route made with the Luigia ship leaving PaKostane with its owner: in Tverko and passing spectacular places. We are in a Konova and we stop several times to take a bath. A fantastic day, an excellent Captain, gives us explanations of all the places of interest where we pass and I leave a summary of different places we have visited.
A great day, safe browsing. Comfort so you can sit in the back benches where there is a table to eat under the roof of the boat or you can go over the roof lying in comfortable sun loungers ... The boat has a small cabin and a small wc. It goes slowly to enjoy the landscape. Great sunset upon arrival.
Pakostane port
LLoc d' aturada on ens banyem
Magnífic panorama


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