Time  39 minutes

Coordinates 357

Uploaded August 21, 2015

Recorded August 2015

27 ft
-186 ft
2.13 nm

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near West Linn, Oregon (United States)

This is a short, 2-mile-round-trip paddle from a boat ramp and dock under the Route 205 Bridge at Jon Storm Park up to the second largest waterfall by volume in North America. The water is calm enough for a canoe, kayak, or SUP to get very close to the falls, and the current is usually not so strong as to make it impossible to progress upriver, at the very least in an eddy. This heavily industrial area is short on natural setting, but the falls make worthwhile. Beware of the strong cross-current just before the base of the falls, flowing from right to left; it is best crossed on the far left.

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Oregon City Bridge, built in 1922

Just beyond (south of) the Route 205 bridge is a beautiful 1922 arch bridge in perfect condition.

Willamette Falls


Willamette Falls


Launch and Landing Spot under Route 205 Bridge


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