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Time  3 hours 41 minutes

Coordinates 1988

Uploaded May 23, 2018

Recorded May 2018

41 f
-1 f
6.12 nm

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near Puerto Sotogrande, Andalucía (España)

Guadiaro estuary from Puerto Sotogrande is a pleasant kayak journey of 5 km each way. The river is navegable (just ) In the spring in some places can be tricky and too shallow if the rains have not been recent or in the summer months expect to have to pull yourself out of grounded situations. At the point where we reached on this trip the river was actually fast flowing and impossible to continue. We could have carried the kayak for 80-100 meters over dry stony ground and continued further upriver but in this instance we were running short of time and we made our way back . You can continue although it is dammed and it does get shallower as you go up .
The scenery is green but relatively monotonous and uneventful so don’t expect rapids ! There is some wildlife to be enjoyed , herons, swallows, hoopoes, beeaters doves, egrets, blackcaps, tits, goldfinches, gulls and you may be blessed with a noisy woodpecker or a stunning kingfisher. Trout will make their acrobatic jumps out of the water in front of you and you will encounter enigmatic and shy turtles basking in the riverbank and diving underwater the moment you approach- be stealthy and quiet and you will enjoy close up views of them throughout the year along the entire trip. Toads, frogs and harmless snakes are also fairly common though the latter a little rarer and harder to spot. Enjoy this canoeing trip with family even young kids !


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