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15.02 nm

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near Vieja Carmen, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

After an early wake-up, hot breakfast and tremendous sunrise we started todays’ full day of kayaking. It was another beautiful day with lots of sun, and also lots of wind. We paddled long hours, only taking a rest on a beach for lunch and in Bahia Los Renos where we were welcomed by the caretakers of the cabañas.

We had big waves and another gorgeous sunset on the lake. At Punta Amarilla, in between the rocky edge and a small island, a huge 4 meter high wave came up behind us. It pushed us closer to the coast with the kayak inclining to the left, but luckily we were safe. More waves directed us rapidly to the beach.

On this same beach we got stranded for the next day, as impressive waves made it impossible to safely get back to the water.

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