• Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)
  • Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)
  • Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)
  • Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)
  • Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)
  • Photo of Harrison River (Salmon Run)

Time  5 hours 56 minutes

Coordinates 1907

Uploaded October 19, 2014

Recorded October 2014

86 f
-70 f
12.45 nm

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near Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia (Canada)

This easy, mostly downstream 23km paddle leaves the town of Harrison Hotsprings and finishes at Kirby Park, which is about a 25 minute drive from the start point. Spotting cars is necessary for this paddle.

In most seasons, the river is passable, but it is quite shallow and should be avoided after long dry spells. The scenery is beautiful and there is little or no development in the first 3/4s of the trip. This is a heavily-traveled salmon migratory route, and the side trip up the Morris slough to the end of Weaver Creek brings you to a narrow and busy thorough-fare for all species of salmon when they are running. Salmon are also running in the Harrison itself, but not always visible due to the width of the river and the turbid water. The fifth picture included here shows a salmon running over a shallow gravel bar.

The trip is an easy, but full day, generally organized by assembling more than one car at the beachfront parking on Esplanade Avenue in Harrison Hot Springs. Boats are unloaded onto the beach and then at least two cars ferry and leave at least one car at the end-point at Kirby Park. It takes about an hour round trip to spot cars. The total float and paddle time, including the side trip up Morris slough, is about 4 hours, plus stops for lunch, fishing, or fish watching. There are also two locations where some early First Nations (native) pictographs are visible from the water or shoreline.

For more details: http://www.guidebc.com/harrisonriver/h_mills.asp

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