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near Warffum, Groningen (Nederland)

We departed from camp Zuiderhorn, conveniently a camp site and kayak rental in one. Our destination was tiny village Onderdendam, where we planned to take a lunch break and from there paddle back the same way. Halfway along the route we passed an ideal picnic place for kayakers. For further description of this trail and photos, see http://www.mywoodenshoes.nl/north/groningen-kayak/.

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Mooring point

Onderdendam harbour


Onderdendam Wind Mill


Onderdendam Campsite


Picturesque Wind Mill

Windmill De Zilvermeeuw ('herring gull') was built in 1870 and has undergone restoration in 2014. It's original function was to drain water from a nearby polder (to keep the land dry). The name 'herring gull' was given in 1951, when the new sail bars and shutters gave the wind mill an odd shiny look from a distance.

Picnic place

Mooring point

Warffum Campsite

Mooring point

Old harbour Warffum


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