9.64 nm

Elevation gain

135 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

102 ft

Max elevation

231 ft



Min elevation

156 ft

Trail type

One Way




August 25, 2016


August 2016
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231 ft
156 ft
9.64 nm

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near Granzow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Deutschland)

Easy canoe ride from Granzow to the north and back.

The day was a bit windy and neither of us canoe often but we didn't really struggle.

At the north, the trail finishes in a pretty little cove which leads onto a thick forest. A very cute little stop where we had our lunch.
There were a few other small coves along the way, either side of the route and I do recommend stopping in them for lunch instead of finding a busy beach front but they literally are one canoe stops and they can be occupied so keep an eye!

There was another one, just north of the one that we stopped, on the same side of the lake, and one or two in the narrow straights that we went through but not many.

If you end up all the way to Granzow do visit Mirrow and the cake shop at the schloss! I added the relevant part of the track on the same file as well.


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