98 f
94 f
10.73 nm

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near Port Kent, New York (United States)

Port Kent - Burlington


  • Ishmael Aug 17, 2017

    Looking forward to hearing about your traverse. Does the crossing time include the dive that you took? Maybe it's time to forsake education for a career in salvage.

  • Photo of jmmdds

    jmmdds Aug 17, 2017

    Very nice, I hope the weather was decent.

  • Photo of Astromutt

    Astromutt Aug 18, 2017

    The weather was awesome! The first 30min was no wind. It picked up fast, bringing the waves in with it.
    The wind caught us playing at the north shore of Schuyler Island and pushed us slightly down the western shore. We decided to continue down around the southern end before crossing over. It was really calm along the southern shore of Schuyler Island. As we passed the southern point, we were able to look out at the crossing. The wind had picked up even more. We had a strong wind out of the north, giving us 2-3ft waves. It felt like we were watching the action from comfy box seats. Once we started, the waves kept us decently engaged in the crossing. Very NOT boring. After about an hour of paddling NE up wind, we changed bearing and rode the wind & waves. That's when we really picked up our speed. We came into the marina closer to 3.5 hrs. The official time includes the loss of some glasses and the initial recovery attempt (about 30mins). Salvage diving seems to becoming a theme. Not sure about a career, but I'm considering stowing a dive mask as standard equipment from now on.

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