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9.75 mi

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near Almo, Idaho (United States)

This is a must do ride. It is a little outside our normal East Idaho Riding and because of the long drive I recommend an overnight stay. I have put together information on everything you need to know about where to stay overnight at the City of Rocks and Castle Rocks. Click on "View More" below to access this information and to view the whole area in CalTopo.

The best time to visit this desert country is May or June. A variety of trees give shade along the route. You will pass under Quaking Aspen, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Mountain Mahogany, and Pinon Pine. There are also several watering holes for horses to get a drink.

Along the route you can watch rock climbers scaling some the massive granite boulders.

Have lunch in Indian Grove. A cool oasis in this high dessert.

Click "View more" below to open page in our website that contains a complete brochure and a link to a map in CalTopo. CalTopo.

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