• Photo of Blair Lake
  • Photo of Blair Lake
  • Photo of Blair Lake
  • Photo of Blair Lake
  • Photo of Blair Lake
  • Photo of Blair Lake

Time  23 hours one minute

Coordinates 1491

Uploaded October 1, 2018

Recorded September 2018

8,191 f
7,016 f
8.64 mi

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near Staley Springs, Idaho (United States)

Milage above is one way.

I would recommend the alternate trailhead. The Continental Divide Trail "CDT" route from Red Rock Pass is not particularly interesting and has some risky spots. The first caution icon is placed where the trail is steep with exposure. The second caution icon was placed where the trail was washed out and could collapse under a horses weight.

On the other hand, they were at a location where we looked up at an awe-inspiring six hundred foot cliff face and also the only time we had the opportunity to ride next to Hell Roaring Creek.

We met a large group of fisher-persons hiking out from the lake. There are a couple of nice campsites. Looks like horse groups frequent the area. Did not have time to go to Lillian Lake.

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Probably to a lessor Trailhead on Corral Creek
Cuts off about three miles
The original CDT trail goes to Lillian Lake
The original CDT trail goes up and over into Idaho. Does not look good for horses. It meets up with the "Scenic CDT trail" over a mile away


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