Time  2 hours 38 minutes

Coordinates 3104

Uploaded August 7, 2015

Recorded July 2015

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6,142 f
4,273 f
5.02 mi

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near Zion Lodge, Utah (United States)

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Trail to Angels Landing. After a first strong ascent, the trail passes through a narrow canyon, where the GPS signal is not good, and follows a sequence of zigzags known as "Walter's Wiggles" until it reaches a fork. On the left follows the West Rim Trail. To the right the trail goes up by stones, by a narrow ridge, in a point with width of 2 meters, with abysses of 150 to 300 meters in both sides. At some points one must be careful, but there is always a providential chain alongside. The view from the top of the whole main canyon of the park is stunning.


  • tiagonmas Jun 29, 2016

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    marvelous views from the top

  • Ann Greenwood Oct 21, 2016

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    Awesome Hike!

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