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Time  3 hours 21 minutes

Coordinates 869

Uploaded February 19, 2016

Recorded February 2016

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6.47 mi

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near Ser’i Bientu (Curacao)

The trailhead is actually found where the loop begins, but you can only drive as far as a small parking lot on the main Christoffelpark road, so the hike effectively begins here, 2.7 km away from the trail itself.

This trail is not well-marked, but it's decently-cleared and never too confusing, as long as you have a general idea of where you should be going. (There are a couple spots where you have to decide whether to go left or right; they're unmarked, but if you have a map, you'll know which way to go.)

Very few people on this trail, which goes through some beautiful nature just to the south of the far-more-popular Christoffelsberg. A side path half-way through goes to the top of Seru Bientu, where Curaçao's only Sabal Palms can be found. Amazing views of the western coast from here.


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