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near Na Logu, Bovec (Slovenia)

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Julian Alps: Triglavski Narodni Park in Upper Isonzo Valley (Soca). A tour around the Zadnjiski Ozebnik, a fortified peak during the First World War. The beginning is at the first hairpin bend upstream of Trenta, where a forest trail branches off into the Zadnjica. The parking lot on the side of the road leaves about twenty cars to park. Beyond (attention to the pronounced ditch) other parking where the road branches off and presents transit bans. From this last parking lot (junction with a lift that leads to the above Pogacnikov Dom refuge), continue practically flat, passing some beautiful mountain dwellings and then climbing up the forest track to its end (fork-sign). Continue to the right to the south, completely crossing the gravel bed of the Korita and following the obvious path that keeping on the orographic left rises the Zadnjiski dol. You pass a source (only source - voda - excellent water) to 12.12 m and going up the same valley on the right orographic and then on the left for scree crossed by a good path you enter the green and you reach the fork -Cez dol - almost on level ground (m.1632 - Crossroad to the south for the Zasavska koca ref - 1.30). You go down the military road and immediately cross over another fork for Zasavska Koca (signposting) then arriving at a closed cabin (m.1513) but can offer shelter on its capable sloping compartment. The military road made in an exemplary way with constant slope but unfortunately, in some places, it brings down on the floors of q. 1100 meters and then with numerous hairpin bends (shortcuts marked), passing several huts, it goes down more and more wide up to the state reuniting about 2 km downstream of Trenta.
Seven hundred meters downstream along the state road there is Camping Triglav where we stayed in a tent, tel. + 386/0 // 5 388 93 11 +386/0/31 393683 e-mail [email protected]
(large tent - car - two people Euro 16 / day)
Another camping is the 'Trenta' two km upstream of Trenta beyond the hairpin where this tour started.

Difference in height m. 995 - Development km.15 - Hours 5-6
Cartography: Triglav 1: 25000 - Transalpina Bookstore Via di Torre Bianca n.27 / a 34132 - Trieste tel. 040662297/040661288
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