123.32 mi

Elevation gain

19,147 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

19,147 ft

Max elevation

6,278 ft


77 5

Min elevation

768 ft

Trail type



12 days 21 hours 29 minutes




November 3, 2019


September 2019
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  • Easy to follow

  • Scenery


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6,278 ft
768 ft
123.32 mi

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near Severnaya Naroda, Ханты-Мансийский АО (Россия)

Solo hike in Yugyd Va National Park near Inta, Komi Republic. Europes largest national park.

I took the train from Frankfurt to Moscow, then Moscow to Inta, about 4500 km by train. Stayed the night in Guesthouse Izbushka. I picked up and paid for my permit at the Inta offices of the National Park. Transport by трзкол to Baza Zhelannaya (База Желанная), to which I had organised transport in advance (see or

The hike was partly on trails, partly on rarely used trails, partly on quad tracks, and partly cross-country. My hike was 3-16 September 2019, and I strongly recommend this time of year for its autumn colours and lack of mosquitoes. The terrain is mostly fine and there are only a few rivers to ford. The route over the Kar-Kar pass underneath Gora Naroda is a bit tricky with a big backpack, and the shortcut from this pass to the mountain is rather difficult. The Manaraga valley is very beautiful and quite easy to walk through. The Manaraga mountain is tricky, with the trail up to the Student Pass it's easy but after that it's quite scrambly, and the way I took down is much easier (but no trail). After fording the Kosyu one reaches the Manaraga hut, which is staffed but where one can stay for free. Otherwise it's camping along the way (there are also a few primitive shelters).

The park is huge and wild but there is still some evidence visible of past industrial use, in particular close to Zhelannaya.

The Siberian side has similarly beautiful vegetation and is even less visited. On this side I saw some evidence of past use, but all deserted by now.

Full album with photos from the hike at

Z Podnichishor

  • Photo of Z Podnichishor
Camping spot opposite the Podnichishor stream

Z Перевал Каркар

  • Photo of Z Перевал Каркар
Camping spot underneath Перевал Каркар

Z Manaraga

  • Photo of Z Manaraga
  • Photo of Z Manaraga
Camping spot in the Manaraga valley, underneath the Manaraga mountain

Z Lomesvosh

  • Photo of Z Lomesvosh
Camping spot in the upper Ломесьвож valley

Z Dalina Smerti

  • Photo of Z Dalina Smerti
Camping spot in Урочище Долина Смерти (Death Valley) in Siberia
Archaeological site


  • Photo of Ruins
Small ruin of сарай (shed) near the confluence of Хобею and Oшкавож


  • Photo of Xobeyu
  • Photo of Xobeyu
Abandoned farmstead Хобею, at the Базовый stream

Z Listapindi-Shor

  • Photo of Z Listapindi-Shor
Camping at the Пистапенди-Шор stream

Z Severnaya Naroda

  • Photo of Z Severnaya Naroda
Camping near the Северная Народа crossing. Last night in Siberia.

Z Syuras

Camping in the Syuras valley. Lots of destruction due to former industrial use near here.

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  • Photo of #Raptor962

    #Raptor962 Jun 16, 2020

    Bonita ruta, bello paisaje mis felicitaciones. Gracias por compartir

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