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Yosemite National Park is one of the most famous in all of the United States and a particularly busy place, especially the Yosemite Valley. The park is immense and if you have little time, you need to look for a route that allows you to enter and enjoy it. Here we propose a fairly busy route that allows you to see two impressive waterfalls and landscapes typical of the park.

To start the route, you have to go to the Yosemite Valley and follow the directions until you reach the parking lot of the Half Dome Village, which is very large and in principle there is usually a place. Here you take the free park bus and go to stop 16, Happy Isles, where you have to start the route to the Vernal Fall. It is well indicated on the other side of the bridge through which the road passes. The road is asphalted and immediately begins to climb strongly. Soon you will come to a bridge where you can see the Vernal waterfall, to reach it, however, you will have to continue climbing a narrow road, stairs and steps dug into the rock that make it very attractive, at the same time as the dust Water that raises the waterfall leaves us well docks.

Once at the top of the waterfall, it is worthwhile to reach the viewpoint where there is the jump. The road, however, continues to rise, now with fewer people, it passes by the side of the beautiful Emerald Pool. A bridge is re-passed and soon you get to the lower part of the Nevada Fall, much more impressive than the first, since it is taller and not so broad.

The climb to the waterfall is done on the side of the mountain, under the rocks, in a path that makes many zigzags and lost the GPS signal. The final part is very attractive, since the ramps are mounted on a beautiful square stone wall. You reach an intersection of paths, where you leave the Mist Trail and go to the right, at the top of the waterfall. First go to the lookout that is a bit down, and then the river over the bridge. This upper area of ​​the waterfall is of great beauty.

We continue along the path that goes under a rock wall with a breathtaking view of the waterfall and the Liberty Cap, the mountain that dominates it, with the Half Dome behind. The descent is smooth to Clark Point, from here the descent becomes more right with continuous zigzags that lead to the road that was used to climb, between the first bridge and the lower part of the Vernal Fall At this point you have to turn left and undo the path to the starting point.

It is a moderate route because there is a considerable drop in the first half of the route, then it is totally favorable. As for the indications, the path is very noticeable and obvious and there are indicative signals on the breaks. The only catch is that the distances are in miles. Along the way, apart from being accompanied by many people, there are also a lot of squirrels.

Clark Point




Bifurcació Mist Trail - John Muir Trail


Vernal Fall (dalt)




Nevada Fall (baix)


Nevada Fall (dalt)


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