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near Curry Village, California (United States)

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We start at the number 16 stop (Happy Isles) of the public and free bus of the park (shuttle). Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful and demanding routes that can be made in Yosemite, so, sticks in hand, we start.

We start the day by the path called John Muir Trail, always on the banks of the Merced River and in continuous ascent. A route perfectly marked and without loss. After several kilometers, we reach one of the bridges, at which point we can fill our water bottles and continue the march.

We get to the point where we can do the circular route and where we have two options to continue: John Muir Trail and Mist Trail. After shuffling both options and studying the map carefully, we think that the best option is to continue on the same track, since the ascent was going to be much more constant and bearable. We follow the path through John Muir Trail, to the right, to continue gaining height in a more demanding way until we reach Clark Point, a beautiful viewpoint towards the valley and with great views of the Half Dome, one of the jewels of Yosemite. We enjoyed the valley for a long time, we rested and took the time to hydrate and eat something. From above you can already see in the distance the first waterfall that we would see: Nevada Fall.

We continue along the same track, with beautiful views of the valley that forms the Merced River, and we are getting closer and closer to Nevada Fall, a spectacle of nature and one of the highest waterfalls that can be seen in Yosemite. We enjoy going over the waterfall and soaking our feet in the multiple pools and pools that form the river at the top of each of the waterfalls that it offers.

After stopping in such a beautiful place, we continue the march, reaching the junction formed by the tracks John Muir Trail (which we came) and Mist Trail, at which point we turn left to return by Mist Trail.

When we deviate, we begin to descend sharply towards the base of Nevada Fall. It is a long descent, in zig-zag and with which we remember several times the good decision taken, since climbing the Mist Trail to the top of Nevada Fall would have followed something really demanding. Once down, we enjoy again the views offered by the waterfall, continuing, little by little, our progress.

A few kilometers, we arrive at another of the most beautiful areas of the route, Emerald Pool. It is a large pool formed by Merced River at the top of Vernal Fall. We stop again and enjoy that place, taking advantage to eat again and take a bath in this natural pool.

We continue the march and we arrive at Vernal Fall, another spectacle of nature, where the noise of the water is the main protagonist. Photos and more photos, enjoying the beautiful views of both waterfalls that, although they are separated by a kilometer, can be seen from several points.

With both waterfalls behind us, it is time to return, in a slight descent, until we join the original track (John Muir Trail). We continue the march, arriving at the starting point and ending our most demanding and beautiful route in Yosemite.

Of the best of Yosemite! A beautiful route, full of views and points where you can stop and forget everything. Nature in its purest form! The two largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Yosemite!

Yosemite National Park - Clark Point - John Muir Trail - Nevada Fall - Mist Trail - Emerald Pool - Vernal Fall


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Clark Point

Clark Point

Nevada Fall

Nevada Fall

Vernal Fall

Vernal Fall


  • Photo of Raul Miguel Gonzalez

    Raul Miguel Gonzalez Aug 27, 2018

    Las pistas están claramente señaladas y sin pérdida?

  • Photo of RubAlvarez

    RubAlvarez Aug 27, 2018

    Raul Miguel Gonzalez, si, están perfectamente señalizadas. Lo único que tienes que saber es la ruta a realizar, pues existen varios cruces y opciones. Saludos!

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