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Uploaded August 25, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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14.15 mi

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near El Hassouâné, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Super trail following the Nahr Ibrahim Valley and going trough Jabal Moussa Reserve.

The beggining is car-friendly so you may met some cars but the path is nice and as you probably will strat early in the morning you won't meet that much car.

Once at the entry of the Jabal Moussa Reserve, the path is easy to follow to reach the Chouwen Lake.

From there two paths leads to the other side of the park where you can follow Nahr Ibrahim valley. A bit after Qerqraiya the path is hard to follow and be prepare to fight against bramble branches.It is hard but really off-beaten path.

If you are tired you can get to the Dam and from it follow a vehicle road made for the construction work. https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=18131309

The trail ends in Les Racines du Ciel biologique farm, great to visite with really warm welcoming. http://les-racines-du-ciel.blogspot.com/

If you want more details one the hike : http://randonneeliban.weebly.com/randonnee-yahchouch-lacchouwen-lessa.html

Lac Chouwen

La vue en descendant vers le lac

Entrée du parc Jabal Moussa


Barrage en construction de Lessa


Ferme Biologique Les racines du Ciel

Vu de la ferme à la nuit tombante


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