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Recorded May 2017

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near Hühnernest, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Pleasant hike through the beautiful valley of the Wurm river, a gem hidden between various towns north of Aachen. The edges of the valley are covered with woods and meadows cover the valley bottom around the meandering Wurm. You can find a restaurant at Burg Wilhelmstein and a Bayern-style Teutenhof on the road between Kohlscheid and Würselen.
You start out at Burg Wilhelmstein where you can park if you visit the castle. From the Burg you descend into the valley, cross the road between Bardenberg and Kohlscheid and continue along a small asphalt road past a duck pond and meadows. The road ends at a house and you continue on a path through the forest until you get to a bridge across the Wurm. After crossing it, you climb through the forest towards Kohlscheid, but before entering the village you turn left along the valley. You go back down to the river and follow it through the forest. After climbing twice you descend towards the Bardenberg-Kohlscheid road and enter a path along the meadows on the valley floor. After a while you have some views of the Burg Wilhelmstein. You cross a road and continue through meadows and along forests towards the Kohlscheid- Würselen road. If you want to drink something at Teutenhof you walk along the road for 150 m and return to the Wurm bridge where you take a path around the Kalksteinhalde (‘limestone heap’), a heap of limestone rocks created by a former Solvay plant, now a nature reserve. You then climb another heap, but this one black, the Halde Gouley, remains of former coal mines, now also a nature reserve. You can also find big white stone eggs dispersed in the landscape. A bit later you descend to the valley floor to the Alte Mühle, and then slowly climb through the forest back to Burg Wilhelmstein.
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Between Alte Mühle und Pumpermühle

Between these two mills you pass through meadows and along forests.

Bridge Wurm

Foot bridge across the Wurm

Burg Wilhelmstein

Caste ruins with a restaurant and a viewpoint
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Halde Gouley

Halde (heap) Gouley is a heap of coal mine detritus, now a nature reserve. Big stone eggs have been deposited in the landscape by a landscape architect.
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Here you can have a look at the limestone heap created by a former Solvay plant, now a nature reserve.
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Path along meadows opposite Wilhelmstein

This path takes you along meadows with occasional views of Wilhelmstein opposite the valley.


There is a Bayern style restaurant and Brauhaus here with Lederhosen and Dirndl (http://wu.teuterhof.de/). Also, there is a riding school here.


There is a dead-end path here taking you close to the river. I saw a mandarin duck here.

Wurm view

View of the Wurm river on the edge of the forest


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