61.38 mi

Elevation gain

12,664 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

12,664 ft

Max elevation

12,723 ft



Min elevation

7,608 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Wind River Range - Ross Lakes, Bear Basin, Grasshopper Glacier, & Dinwoody Creek loop


7 days 3 hours 50 minutes




February 10, 2021


September 2020

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12,723 ft
7,608 ft
61.38 mi

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near Bain Place, Wyoming (United States)

On theme with my favorite hikes in the world, there was plenty of big ice on trips. Part of the reason I love seeing them is because of the contrast they give to the mountains. Additionally there rarely is a dull moment on this hike, every section was something new and something to see. When I think back to the hike, and really when I was trying to decide the lead picture of this report, there isn’t a one spot that defined the hike. It was a full experience through and through. Yes, going off trail makes our hiking speed slow, but so does stopping every few steps to marvel at what’s around us. We saw waterfalls running down the mountain side into wide open lakes and lakes that seem to have their own gradient of color. We crossed the barren and windswept continental divide and scrambled on talus fields following many cascading streams. Even when we were hiking on a trail, we were accompanied by open meadows and milky glacial rivers.

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