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near Drakesbad, California (United States)

Outside of Chester CA, one can find Willow Lake. This is a pretty lake and boggy wet meadow. Sandhill cranes nest here each summer and one can hear their calls in the morning and evening. The trail follows Willow lake for a while then crosses the stream feeding the lake. The trail can be difficult to follow from Willow Lake to the turnoff to Terminal Geyser. The rest of the trail represented by the track log is easy to follow. Terminal Geyser is a fumarole that feeds hot water into a little stream below. Sometimes people like to soak in the muddy stream. From Terminal geyser, one can continue up to Boiling Springs Lake which is a hot pond with exploding mud pots. Very pretty views of Mt. Lassen.
Danger, stay on trail
Junction with Kelly Mt. Trail
Junction with Boiling Springs Loop & Boiling Springs Trail
Junction with trail heading to Drakesbad
Junction with Boiling Springs Loop trail and PCT
Junction with Little Willow Lake, PCT, & Boiling Springs Trail
Junction with terminal geyser trail
Lassen National Park Boundary


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