3.03 mi

Elevation gain

217 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

217 ft

Max elevation

112 ft



Min elevation

7 ft

Trail type





August 9, 2019


August 2019
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112 ft
7 ft
3.03 mi

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near Ucluelet, British Columbia (Canada)

To access the trail, start from the parking lot off of Marine Drive, then go right along the trail and continue as it loops through the forest before crossing a road. Continue on as you pass a series of viewpoints, each featuring a unique vista of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks below.

Follow the trail as it passes a few junctions that lead to Forbes Street; however, stay on the trail by going left at these junctions, hiking alongside the ocean.

Eventually, you'll leave behind the ocean views and head inland, towards the highway. From the highway, you can either retrace your steps and hike back along the trail - or return by an alternate route along the highway.

To head back through the alternate route, walk along the highway until you reach Forbes Street, next to Coop Gas Station. Go right and walk up the hill, which veers to the left. You'll soon come upon a large sports field. Next to this field is a gravelly parking area. Walk across this parking lot, where - at the far edge - you'll see some signs and trails that lead back into the forest.

Take the trail on the left as it meanders through the forest, crosses a few roads and then returns to the parking lot you started off from.


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