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near Somers, Connecticut (United States)

Whitaker Woods Trails are well blazed and easy to follow. They cross streams, wind up hills, cut through old stone walls and pass through many areas of beautiful ferns. I did the hike in the summer time, but I’m sure hiking the trails in winter can also be fun. If you get a trail map and stay on the trails you shouldn’t get disoriented. As always I suggest carrying a handheld GPS unit like the Etrex 20, just to keep track of where you are. There are some GEOCaches in the area, so if you’re into that, have fun! As I mentioned, the old stonewalls are truly magnificent! Whitaker Woods is adjacent to McCann Family Farm, so be careful if you don’t want to windup in the wrong area. I have a website with some general information about hiking etc. The trails are mainly about Florida, so you may not be interested in that part of the website – www.tomchoma.com Happy trails to all!
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