2,104 ft
1,259 ft
7.67 mi

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near Greendale, Victoria (Australia)

Challenging hike with river and creek crossings. Steep terrain with beautiful views and scenery. Opportunity to also camp overnight. See external link for more information or copy and paste the following link: http://walkingdroid.com.au/whiskey-creek-lerderderg-state-park/

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  • Photo of Bridgeen Bourke

    Bridgeen Bourke Jun 18, 2019

    Is this trail easy enough to follow with Wikiloc and could you go with a group?

  • WalkingDroid Jun 18, 2019

    Hey Bridgeen - Yes - easy to follow. I didn't take any shortcuts or off trail. Yes, can go with a group, also a nice camping spot nearby the river for a large group. One issue though it's winter, and the river may be flowing with fast water. I did this hike spring/summer where I was able to cross the river or shallow water. Take care at 3.9KM and 5.9KM mark on wikiloc map. River crossings. Regards - Chris

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